Thursday, January 18, 2007

Goodbye, Cruel World

3:12pm- Out of blue, receive email message from married co-worker/client that seems strangely suggestive. Having only met him twice for short period of time, do not understand why he would feel comfortable acting in such familiar way. Call another co-worker/friend over to desk to read email and confirm suspicions of creepiness. She concurs. Just then we look up and see perv lurking around corner. He comes running at me with butcher knife. "If I can't have you, nobody can."

5:02pm- Walking to bus stop after work, still frazzled by email incident. Pass young boy with clipboard. He starts walking towards me. "Ma'am?" Shake head and smile saying no thanks to whatever great offer he has available. He starts screaming at top of lungs. "Fucking bitch! You fucking bitch. Motherfucking bitch! You're nothing but a fucking bitch." Totally shocked, I stop dead in tracks. Anger wells up from deep inside, burning hotter than anything felt in long time. Literally cooked from inside. Boy continues to berate charred corpse.

5:24pm- Get on bus. People are being downright rude. Pushing. Swearing. Yelling. Even a blind woman isn’t spared shove or two. What is it with people today? Look around at all these angry, dejected faces. Give up hope for humanity. Have mental breakdown. Devoured like felled game on open plains of hot savannah.

6:01pm- Finally home, neighbor (ADULT neighbor) playing with remote control car right outside window. Car makes incessant buzzing noise like mosquito on steroids with bullhorn held directly to eardrum. Stick head in oven. I've had it, people.

Other than that, pretty good day.

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funny stuff, kudo`s