Friday, August 04, 2006

Luck Be A Faithful Lady

9:12pm- Here I am on plane again. Pilot depressed because flight to Vegas reminds him of third wife who married him at famous Little White Chapel and who then promptly slept with best man, officiate, and ring bearer. As we descend into the decedent city, he nosedives plane in despair.

9:38pm- After dropping friends off at Luxor, attempt to drive down Strip to get to our own hotel. Traffic unbearable. After ½ hour barely any progress is made. Forced to kill and eat boyfriend for sustenance. Once his body is consumed and my urine store is depleted, waste away a block from Aladdin.

10:24pm- Once at Aladdin (soon to be Planet Hollywood), am forced to navigate through ridiculously expansive Desert Passage Shops en route to registration desk. Not knowing how much further to casino entrance, accept ride from pedi-cab driver. He assures us it is still far walk and then not 30 yards from where he picked us up, he stops, unloads bags and holds out hand awaiting $5 and tip. Incensed, refuse payment and am quickly mobbed and massacred by 8 men wearing billowy Bedouin genie pants.

11:02pm- Meet up with friends for dinner and drinks at Zanzibar Café. Portions so large, and drinks so strong, slip into hedonistic coma.

Other than that, pretty good day.

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