Friday, February 17, 2006

Feat of Engineering Defeated

6:44pm- Crushed by Treasure Island. Or maybe it was Yuerba Buena Island. I don't know which is which. What I do know is that while driving across Bay Bridge weight of dirt above tunnel causes collapse. And here I always thought it'd be an earthquake while on bridge that would do me in.

11:15pm- Jumped again. Same place as last time. Walking to car after recording session in Berkeley. Really shouldn't park near sketchy liquor store. $3 toll fare once again snagged. Fuckers. Then on way home, I pass street cordoned off by police tape. I always thought Berkeley was a place for peace-loving hippies. If they're going to skimp on peace, I think it's only fair they lose their patchouli privileges.

11:16pm- Someone hiding in backseat of Miata. Ironically, Miata's don't have backseats. That's how tweaked this neighborhood makes me feel. Slit throat.

Other than that, pretty good day.

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