Sunday, February 12, 2006

Goonies Never Die!

11:13am- Cart crash. While driving behind pick-up truck, landscape-tool-filled trailer being towed behind becomes separated crashing into rental car. Weed wacker comes flying through windshield and completes whacking job (of my head) quite nicely.

11:25am- Forest fire. While driving along highway 26 West to Astoria, Oregon to make pilgrimage to the town where one of my favorite childhood movies, "The Goonies," was shot, giant forest fire erupts (in February, no less), crosses the highway and scorches us beyond recognition. Thank god for dental records.

11:32am- Tsunami. After seeing sign after sign warning that me and boyfriend are driving through potential tsunami zone on the Oregon coast, the big one hits unexpectedly washing car far out to sea.

7:55pm- Airplane crash. On return home from truly wonderful trip, plane crashes upon landing. Seems planes aren't actually meant to fly in air. Only in movies.

Other than that, pretty good day.

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