Monday, December 18, 2006

Naptime! Naptime! Naptime! See? It’s Annoying.

8:45am- See big, fat old minivan driving next to me in double turn lane. Something atop van catches eye. It is tiniest baby Christmas tree EVER! And it’s strapped down with bungee cords as if it is twin sister of giant Rockefeller Center tree. Laugh so hard, miss turn and slam car into cement truck. That’s what makes the holidays worth it!

1:45pm- Every workday after lunch I must pass security guard and swipe official corporate ID card. Every workday after lunch I must endure said security guard inquire, “Back from lunch?” To which I exasperatedly reply, “Er, (awkward pause) yeah.” To which he then shouts out, “Naptime!” The worst part (and the part that got me sent to the electric chair after being convicted of his murder) is that he then does the whole damn song and dance with people coming in from lunch behind me. There are 300 people in my building. I rest case.

Other than that, pretty good day.

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