Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Worlds Collide In Hilo

11:31am- In pleasant coincidence, make plans to see friends from mainland who happen to be out for vacation. Drive together to Lava Tree State Park to view phenomenon where hot lava has rushed in surrounding large wet trees and then left behind perfect hardened replicas of what tree used to be. While ambling through park, another wave of lava comes barreling through. Fricassee’d Pompeii-style.

2:04pm- Take a dip in a volcanically heated hot pond called Ahalanui. On way down to pond, fail to read sign outlining rules and cautions. Aware of my constant state of fear, friend withholds very important information so that I might enjoy self for few minutes. The information? Angry, hungry, blood-lusting eels navigate these waters. Eaten in a hurry.

8:27pm- Have final-night thank-you dinner at delicious Thai restaurant in Volcano called Thai Thai. Over-order. Over-eat. Over-extend stomach sack which bursts sending colorful fountain of savory contents up into air. I try to re-consume before going unconscious.

Other than that, pretty good day.

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