Sunday, April 02, 2006

Cats: The Must Have Spring Accessory

9:15/10:15am- Spring forward without first looking in both directions.

12:16pm- See man in Balboa Park actually wearing a full-sized cat on his shoulder. Every time man walks past someone, cat looks over and meows frighteningly loud. When I pass, cat sucks all my breath from lungs.

6:33pm- Order Mozzarella Marinara at delicious Italian restaurant in
Little Italy. Pseudo-high class name hides fact that they're basically
Applebee's Mozz Sticks. Choke on cheese.

7:21pm- After entire weekend of nothing but overeating, gut bursts.
Rats and other tourists scavenge for good bits.

8:00pm- Gunned down at security check point for wearing Richard Bitch band T-shirt that features adorable bunny saying "I'm going to get Jesus to kill you." (shirts available for purchase if you want to be gunned down too!)

9:35pm- Plane crash.

Other than that, pretty good day.

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