Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oh, How It Burns

6:48pm- Car peels out in front of me on San Bruno Ave. Thinking nothing of it, I continue my errand to the gas station. Lo and behold, another car comes speeding out from side street behind me. Confuses me for first car and opens fire.

6:54pm- While pumping gas, nozzle is knocked out of tank spraying gasoline in my eyes. Not as fun as it looked in “Zoolander.”

8:23pm- Every time I go to Secret Studios for band practice I walk past a staircase that makes it look like someone is lurking at the top. This time it’s true. A studio ninja hops over partition plunging wakizashi into chest cavity.

9:10pm- During practice very large and heavy speaker falls down from its perch atop makeshift shelving onto head.

10:12pm- While driving home from band practice, I mistake my hoodie for a spider and careen off road trying to keep it from crawling around my neck.

Other than that, pretty good day.

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