Monday, May 01, 2006

Cape Town, I Barely Knew You

5:00am- Stupidly choose window seat for 10-hour overnight flight to Cape Town (dark of night basically rendering window's purpose useless). Body wracked with pain from being confined to such tight spaces for almost 20 hours now. Begin rotting from the inside. Limbs wither and I perish before landing. In me, the will to live is not so strong.

7:20am- Driving on opposite side of road for first time is total mind fuck. In fact, so much so, it's impossible to do it safely.

9:19am- Killed with kindness at Cape Heritage Hotel.

12:12pm- In effort to remain awake until acceptable time, visit Kirstenbosch Gardens. Touch stinging nettle plant. Poisonous stinging nettle plant.

12:15pm- Drink from random water fountain in park. Pick up some sort of African bacteria previously unknown to body.

12:56pm- Attacked by black and white polka-dotted, blue-faced pheasant-type bird thing.

2:02pm- Take drive down to Boulder's Beach to visit African jackass penguins. Lungs coated from inhaling too much guano.

3:15pm- Sleep during drive back to hotel. Jerk awake like one does in falling dream. This scares boyfriend into oncoming lane of traffic. Oops.

Other than that, pretty good day.


Mohammed said...

Window seat at night = chance to start gaze. You really don't deserve to live if you couldn't figure that out. :/

How I Died Today said...

Yes, star gazing. A five minute activity on a ten-hour flight. :)