Monday, May 15, 2006

Get Your Game On

6:02am- Stampeded by zebra.

8:18am- Charged by elephants.

8:22am- Spooked giraffe smashes through car window. Bludgeoned by flailing legs.

9:45am- Crushed by Wildebeest

11:59am- Pride of lions surround car and tear us to shreds.

12:32pm- Consume same buffet dinner (now lunch) and this time catch Hep E.

1:04pm- Springbok as well as gemsbok sprint in front of car causing crash.

1:05pm- Kudu takes page from the 'boks and also jumps in front of car.

5:00pm- Rare black rhino gets aggitated at watering hole and runs full speed at rock barrier. Surprisingly, smashes through effortlessly. Impaled by horn.

8:19pm- Consume same buffet for 3rd time. Die of boredom.

Other than that, pretty good day.

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