Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Incident-Free Plane Ride!

2:12pm- Machine gun fire near strip mall back in Windhoek. Sprayed with bullets.

4:01pm- Immigration attendant annoyed I can't understand him saying, "You need to fill out a departure form." Shoots daggers from his eyes.

4:35pm- Overpowering scent of shit assaults me while waiting in airport lobby for departure. Watch old man scuffle away sheepishly. Contract Ebola through hyper-absorbent nasal membranes.

4:49pm- Run into Susanne and Axl, a fun German couple we met at Desert Kulala Lodge. Overhear that plane is delayed, so go to bar for drink. Suddenly realize bar has emptied out and plane has taken off without us. Apparently officials changed mind about plane delay. Turns out to be elaborate ruse in order to kidnap me to feed to gate attendant's pet lion.

9:39pm- Arrive back in Cape Town, South Africa. Miraculously, plane does not crash. But taxi driver does as we head for town.

10:04pm- Welcomed back at Cape Heritage like family. Upon entering room (upgraded to suite, no charge!) see rose petals strewn about. Before romantic interlude with boyfriend can ensue, slip on clump of petals, hitting head on oversized porcelain tub.

Other than that, pretty good day.

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