Thursday, May 11, 2006


7:21am- Anxious to get full experience of Namib desert dunes area, decide to hike in 5 kilometers to Deadvlei and Soussosvlei. One kilometer in, fall prey to heat exhaustion.

9:08am- Break out sandwich which was not-so-lovingly prepared for me early in morning by Desert Kulala staff. Mysterious meat causes me to stop chewing as thoroughly as is usually preferred. Combination of heat, sand, oversized bolus, and the rationing of water creates perfect choking conditions.

9:45am- Reach Deadvlei and decide to climb dune to see beautiful vista of 500 year old tree stumps set against cumin-colored sand and the stark whiteness of a salt pan. No other visitors seem to be struggling with task. Finally, after obscene effort has been expended, reach ridge and promptly topple down other side where I am gored by picturesque stump.

10:34am- Triumphant and cocky from dune ascention, wander deliriously out into middle of who knows where. Boyfriend suggests one route back to civilization. I suggest other. I get my way, but turn out to be wrong. Vultures circle overhead.

11:12am- Finally make way back to road. Wait for vehicle to pass by in order to hitchhike. Only one 4x4 is anywhere to be seen. I stick thumb up to secure ride. Driver stick different finger up and peels off laughing. More vultures.

Other than that, pretty good day.

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