Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Watch Your Step

11:43am- Because of opposite traffic patterns in Cape Town, look both ways about 5 times before crossing any street. Still get hit.

2:02pm- Riding Hop-on/Hop-off tourist bus to see highlights of city quickly. Perky tour guide recites the phrase "District 6 residents forceably removed" repeatedly and in such a way as to suggest I may want extra sugar in my tea. This insults and irritates me so much, I hop-off bus immediately, forgetting it is double-decker and I am on top deck. Fall doesn't kill me, but oncoming traffic does.

4:21pm- Travel all the way to Africa to catch hypothermia I could have caught in San Francisco.

4:49pm- Spot what appears to be lost and confused model holding head shot looking upwards at buildings. Could he be on "go-see?" As he turns to look at me, am smelted by his grotesque beauty.

Other than that, pretty good day.

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